LASIK Seminar at KMN EyeCare


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Saturday, November 23, 2019

KMN EyeCare Kemayoran
(The Mansion - Bougenville, Tower Fontana, Lantai 18, Jl. Trembesi Blok D-4, Kemayoran, Jakarta - at 10.00)

Bladeless LASIK IDR 27 Millions*
(0% installments up to 24 months, around IDR 900 thousand/month)

Get Dooprize 100% Free LASIK and Vouchers valued at IDR 2 Millions from Pegipegi**
(Limited to participants)

*Term and Conditions apply 
**For participants only - Term and Conditions apply


Registration fee IDR 50.000/person

Payment can be made by transfer via BCA account 483-054-8888 PT. Austindo Nusantara Jaya HealthCare

Proof of transfer can be sent via email to

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LASIK Seminar KMN EyeCare
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LASIK eye surgery patient testimonials

LASIK eye surgery can improve your daily life – it has certainly done so for our patients. We’re thus very happy to provide you with our LASIK eye surgery patient testimonials.

Edho Zell & Mami El

“So yesterday we decided to do LASIK on Mami El.. From my side I believed surgical procedures to be difficult, dangerous, long and complicated.. But the surgery only takes a while... I was surprised, because I did not expect KMN to have such sophisticated technology..”

Yuki Kato

"It's a wonderful experience! Especially that I'm now free from glasses.. I'm now free from softlenses.. I no longer need to think of the expiry dates of my softlenses.. I no longer need to do such things.. My eyesight is now perfect.."

Merry Riana

"I am Merry Riana, and thank you KMN for making the impossible possible.. It seemed impossible for my eyes to have perfect eyesight without glasses and contact lenses, but now I have.. Every morning now when I open my eyes I can see everything clearly"

Rio Motret

“... The examinations are also very thorough and accurate making me more confident to have the LASIK procedure… Now, after having had the LASIK procedure, everything is so much easier… No eyeglasses or soft lens needed, and when I wake up everything is brighter. It's like being reborn again... Do not hesitate to check your eyes at KMN, because the LASIK technology there is very sophisticated, comfortable, and fast."