LASIK Promotion KMN

LASIK Promo Registration

LASIK Promo Terms & Conditions:

  1. This promo is valid until 14 February 2019, and the LASIK procedure should occur no later than 2 months after registration.
  2. The LASIK package promo cost is IDR 25 million for two eyes (including procedure, pre-op examination and administration fees, but not including the doctor’s consultation fees, post-op fees, and medication.) + IDR 2 million cashback* + a chance to win 100% cashback for 4 selected participants**. The regular price for LASIK with the same above conditions is IDR 33 million.
  3. Participants must register and pay a commitment fee of IDR 5 million by ticking on the approval column below the Terms and Conditions.
  4. Payment of LASIK fees for this promo can be made at KMN EyeCare after LASIK procedures have been carried out. For BNI credit card users, payment of the remaining balance of IDR 20 million (IDR 25 million minus commitment fee of IDR 5 million) can be done with 0% installment fee with a period option up to 6 months.
  5. In some cases, additional treatments that are not included in the standard LASIK package are needed. In these circumstances, the patient will be informed in advance of any additional fees to be charged.
  6. After registration and making payment on the website, participants will receive an email confirmation of proof of registration for use when they visit KMN EyeCare for their examination.
  7. For this LASIK promo, commitment fee payments can be made using:
    1. Online payment transaction on the KMN EyeCare website using a Visa or Mastercard credit card
    2. Direct payment at KMN EyeCare branches
  8. LASIK procedures can be conducted at KMN EyeCare Kebon Jeruk or KMN EyeCare South Jakarta. (KMN EyeCare reserves the right to shift the location of the LASIK procedure if circumstances require).
  9. All pre and post LASIK actions can be carried out at any other KMN EyeCare branches.
  10. For information on the practice schedule, please visit 
  11. The set time of examination, consultation, and procedure will conform to KMN EyeCare’s schedule in accordance with the doctor you choose.  You may also contact our Call Center at 021-751 6699 to make an appointment.
  12. Participants who have already paid the commitment fee and have been examined by the doctor may not transfer the promo to others.
  13. Commitment fees will be forfeited if the treatments is canceled by the participant for non-medical reasons.
  14. Commitment fees will be fully refunded if the participant is unable to undergo LASIK procedure for medical reasons.
  15. This promo cannot be combined with other promos, except for transactions with BNI credit cards or KoinWorks.


*IDR 2 Million Cashback Term & Conditions:

  1. Follow KMN EyeCare social media accounts through Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.
  2. Post and share publicly (not in private mode) comments about your LASIK experience at KMN EyeCare on your social media with #LASIKKMN hashtag referencing KMN EyeCare Facebook and @KMNEyeCare Instagram accounts.
  3. Social media account should be in “public” status and “unlocked”.
  4. Posts are required to be displayed for a period of at least one week after posting.
  5. Provide name references for prospective LASIK patients, if a participant provides a reference list at least 5 names of prospective LASIK patients, the cashback given will be IDR 1 million or if a reference list of at least 10 names of prospective LASIK patients is provided, the cash back given will be IDR 2 million. 
  6. Cashback can be "claimed" by showing social media posts on post-op at the clinic, to be recorded by our cashier/officer.
  7. For out-of-town patients who cannot come for post-op to the clinic, their Cashback can be "claimed" via email to:
  8. Cashback will be transferred to the participant's account within 2 weeks from the date of the "claim".

** 100% Cashback Terms & Conditions


  1. Each participant will be eligible to participate in 3 contest categories of the post-and-share photo contest, post-and-share video contest, article writing contest,  and automatically be eligible to become participant of 100% cashback lottery. 
  2. 4 winners will be selected.
  3. For the photo, video, and article writing contests, each participant should be registered at KMN EyeCare branch.
  4. Winners will be determined by jury assessment and the decision from the jury is final and cannot be contested.
  5. Cashback will be transferred to the participant's account within 2 weeks from the date of announcement of winners in the beginning of 2019.

Additional information:

The minimum requirements for LASIK patients are:

  1. Not pregnant/breastfeeding. If you have just given birth, you should have at least 3x menstruation in a row.
  2. 18 years of age and over.
  3. Stable vision, glasses prescription unchanged> 0.5 D in the past 6 months.
  4. Healthy eye condition.
  5. No corneal disease.
  6. No cataracts.
  7. No use of contact lenses in the last 2-3 weeks.
  8. No condition of uncontrolled diabetes or blood sugar.
  9. No condition of autoimmune diseases such as lupus, rheumatism, etc.
  10. No Thyroid disease.

For additional information about LASIK or this program, you may contact us through any of the following channels:
•    Call Center 021-751 6699
•    SMS: +62 817 0956688
•    Facebook: KMN EyeCare ( 
•    Instagram: @KMNeyecare (
•    Twitter: @KMNeyecare (

* Mandatory