Like Sarah Menzel, free your world from glasses and nearsightedness!

Get LASIK Promo for IDR 26 million for 2 eyes and chance to win a 100% LASIK Cashback draw for 1 lucky participant.

The promo price consists of:

IncludedNot included
  • Administration 
    - Pre-LASIK
    - LASIK Procedure
  • Initial Screening  
  • Pre-LASIK Support Examinations
  • Doctor consultation
  • Medicines
  • Laboratory
  • All post-LASIK fees


Term & condition:

  1. Promo is valid for participants who register for the promo starting May 15, 2024, and is valid only for the first 199 registrants.

  2. Chance to win the 100% LASIK Cashback draw for 1 lucky participant. The draw will be held in October 2024 via IG Live KMN EyeCare.

  3. The LASIK procedure must be done no later thanDecember 30, 2024 (scheduled according to agreement with the doctor).
  4. Participants must undergo LASIK procedures by September 30, 2024 to be registered in the 100% LASIK Cashback draw. 

  5. Promo price applies only to registrants who have completed the payment of the commitment fee amounting to IDR 12 million, which can be done through:
    • Online transactions at
    • KMN EyeCare cashier (at any KMN EyeCare Branch)
    • Bank Transfer to BCA 
      - Account number: 483-054-8888
      - Account owner: PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Healthcare
      - Proof of transfer must be sent via WhatsApp to 08118505669 oremail to up: Atiek 
  6. The commitment fee is refundable in the event of cancellation by Doctor’s decision that the registrant should not undergo LASIK based on medical diagnosis.
  7. The commitment fee is non-refundable in the case of cancellation by the registrant.
  8. LASIK Procedure can be done at KMN EyeCare Kebon Jeruk or KMN EyeCare South Jakarta.
  9. Initial Screening, Pre-LASIK Support Examination, and Post-LASIK Examination can be done at all branches of KMN EyeCare.
  10. LASIK can be performed by all KMN EyeCare Doctors who do LASIK at KMN EyeCare.
  11. Promo participants must fulfill general requirements for having LASIK, including:
    • Patient must be aged 18 years and older .
    • Patient to cease use of contact lenses at least 2 weeks or hard lens at least 3 weeks before initial screening or Pre-LASIK checks.
    • Female patients cannot be pregnant or breastfeeding.
    • Patient does not have Thyroid disease.
    • Patient has no history of autoimmune disease.
  12. Participants must follow KMN EyeCare on social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok or Twitter (may choose one).
  13. Participants must upload photos or video of experiences while undergoing LASIK at KMC EyeCare on a private social media account that is open to the public (not private), at least for 1 (one) week, by including the #LASIKKMN hashtag and KMN EyeCare account tags:
    - Facebook: @KMNEyeCare
    - Instagram: @KMNEyeCare
    - Tiktok: @KMNEyeCare
    - Twitter: @KMNEyeCare
  14. List of names of current partner banks for installments: BCA, BNI, BRI, CIMB NIAGA, Citibank, Danamon, HSBC, Maybank, Mandiri, MNC, OCBC NISP, Panin, Permata, Standard Chartered, UOB, Bukopin, ANZ, Sinarmas, Mega. 

If you have any questions or want to get more information about LASIK promo, please contact our Senior Marketing Executive at:
•    Ulung: +62818-818-119
•    Firdaus: +62 818-818-115

Or through our Social Media:
•    Facebook: KMN EyeCare ( 
•    Instagram: @KMNeyecare (
•    Twitter: @KMNeyecare (


By filling out the LASIK PROMO registration form below, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed above.

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