KMN EyeCare has a 2019 LASIK PROMO program with attractive discounts. Usually priced at more than Rp 34 million, now you only need to pay IDR 27 million for LASIK for both eyes with 0% installments of up to 24 months, so the cost per month is less than Rp 1 million with 24-month installments or less than Rp 2 million with 12-month installments. 

This promotion is limited to 200 registrants only and the time limit of undergoing the LASIK surgery is a maximum 2 (two ) months after the registration date.

LASIK PROMO elements:


DOES NOT Include

  • Basic evaluation
  • Pre-LASIK comprehensive examination
  • Pre-LASIK administration
  • Pre-LASIK doctor’s consultation
  • Any medicines
  • Any post-surgery fees


Please read the PROMO terms & conditions carefully below, before you complete the registration form.

  1. The promo price is only valid if you register directly on KMN Eyecare’ website ( or in any of KMN EyeCare’ branches.
  2. The promo price only applies to registrants who have completed the payment of the commitment fee, amounting to Rp 5million, which can be done through:
    1. Online transactions on KMN EyeCare’ website (Visa/MasterCard credit cards only).
    2. KMN EyeCare’ cashier (any branches)
    3. Bank transfer: BCA (Bank Central Asia)
      • Account number  : 483-054-8888
      • Account holder    : PT Austindo Nusantara Jaya Healthcare
      • Proof of transfer must be sent via email to Marketing@KMNEyeCare or you can fax it to 021-751-9344 (UP. Atiek)
  3. The commitment fee is non refundable in the case of cancellation at the registrants’ own will.
  4. The commitment fee is refundable in the case of cancellation at Doctor’s decision, in which the registrant may not undergo LASIK based on medical diagnosis.
  5. Registrants must follow the general requirements of LASIK patients.
  6. Registrants must follow KMN EyeCare on social media accounts: Facebook, Instagram or Twitter (can choose one or more).
  7. Registrants must upload a photo(s) of or publish their LASIK experience at KMN EyeCare on their personal social media account that is open to public (not a private account), at least for 1 (one) week, with hashtag #LASIKKMN and tag KMN EyeCare at:
    1. Facebook: @KMNEyeCare
    2. Instagram: @KMNEyeCare
    3. Twitter: @KMNEyeCare
  8. Registrants must refer a person who is likely to get LASIK to KMN EyeCare. If the referred person undergoes LASIK surgery at KMN EyeCare, then rewards will apply based on KMN EyeCare’ referral program, that is apart from this promo.
  9. The LASIK surgery takes place in either one of these locations:
    1. KMN EyeCare Kebon Jeruk
    2. KMN EyeCare Jakarta Selatan
  10. Pre-LASIK examinations and post-surgery follow-ups can be done at any KMN EyeCare branch that provides the services
  11. List of partner banks for 0% installments: BCA, BNI, BRI, CIMB NIAGA, Citibank, Danamon, HSBC, Maybank, Mandiri, MNC Bank, OCBC NISP, Panin Bank, Permata, Standard Chartered, OUB, Bukopin, ANZ, Sinarmas Bank , Bank Mega.

Should you have any questions or need to obtain further information, please contact us:

•    Call Center 021-751 6699
•    SMS: +62 817 0956688
•    Facebook: KMN EyeCare ( 
•    Instagram: @KMNeyecare (
•    Twitter: @KMNeyecare (

By completing the registration form of LASIK PROMO below, you hereby agree to all of the aforementioned terms and conditions.

* Mandatory