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Your visit at KMN EyeCare in Jakarta & Semarang


Make an appointment

You can do so by either calling our KMN EyeCare Call Center at 021 751 6699, sending us an email or SMS 0817 095 66 88, or registering online.



If you’re coming by public transport, you can find directions to each hospital and clinics here.

Our staff will then direct you to the registration center. There, you can fill out the necessary registration forms so that we can include you within our patient management system. For those of you coming with young children, most of our hospital and clinics offer a play area in the waiting room to keep them occupied as you register.

For patients whose employers or insurance companies have an agreement with KMN EyeCare, please bring your ID cards or insurance information.



Initial eye examination

Our initial eye examination consists of a non-contact tonometry and an autorefraction measurement.

The non-contact tonometry utilizes a puff of air to measure your intraocular pressure (IOP), or the pressure inside your eyes.

The autorefraction examination measures the lens power that is required to accurately focus light on your retina. This highly automated exam provides quickly provides eyeglass or contact lens prescriptions.



Refraction examination

A manual refraction exam utilizes a phoropter to measure your eyeglass or contact lens prescription. Throughout the process, an optometrist will apply a series of lenses, asking you which is clearer. Your answers will help determine a final prescription, based on whether you have hypermetropia (farsightedness), myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism, or presbyopia.



Doctor consultation

At this stage, you will get the opportunity to meet one-on-one with your eye doctor so that you can clearly discuss any of your concerns.




Before your surgery is carried out, KMN EyeCare will provide you with comprehensive instructions on how to best prepare for your upcoming procedure, as well as the necessary eye drops to be taken as instructed by your doctor.



Surgical procedure

Your surgical procedure will be carried out by one of our KMN EyeCare experts. Most of our surgeries are done under topical anesthesia, allowing you to return home soon after the surgery and resume daily activity as normal. In any case, it is recommended that a family member or friend accompany you on the day of your surgery so as to ensure you arrive and get home safely.



Post surgery

As your safety and convenience is our absolute priority at KMN EyeCare, our staff will contact you to confirm your condition, as well as remind you of any necessary post-surgery checkups that may be required.