Contact lenses & Eyeglasses at OPTIK KMN

At KMN EyeCare, we’re happy to offer contact lens & eyeglasses services to our patients through OPTIK KMN. Each of our eye hospital and clinics in Kemayoran, Kebon jeruk, Jakarta Selatan and Semarang offer these services to any patients who may be interested in ordering a range of types of eyewear.

Our KMN EyeCare doctors are happy to provide you with an initial comprehensive eye exam, enabling us to determine your contact lens or glasses prescription and lens type, as OPTIK KMN offers both hard lens, soft lens,contact lens, and an array of designer eyewear options. Furthermore, if you already have a prescription for contact lenses or glasses, OPTIK KMN is happy to order the necessary strength and type of lens or glasses for you.

Contact lens & eyeglasses prices at OPTIK KMN

Contact lens prices at OPTIK KMN

OPTIK KMN is committed to providing patients with professional yet affordable means to great eyesight. The cost of eye examinations and contact lenses are determined by individual factors. As such, we recommend that you get in contact with our staff, so that we can determine a path forward that best suits your needs.


Eyeglasses prices at OPTIK KMN

At OPTIK KMN, we are happy to provide excellent eyewear service at an affordable price.

For patients who bring along their prescription (issued by a non-KMN EyeCare ophthalmologist), the examination is free with the purchase of a glasses frame.

The cost of a single-vision lens ranges from Rp. 280.000 - Rp. 760.000.

Bifocal lens ranges from Rp. 450.000 – Rp. 650.000.

Progressive lens ranges from Rp. 770.000 – Rp. 6.000.000

OPTIK KMN Customer Testimonial

“Overall, I really love OPTIK KMN’s professional service and the cozy comfortable space. The various choices of glasses and lenses are very diverse and original, as well as using sophisticated technology. I highly recommend OPTIK KMN for those of you who want to check your eyes or buy glasses.”

Mrs. Windana

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