KMN Cataract Patient

Cataract testimonials at KMN EyeCare

At KMN EyeCare, your success is our greatest pleasure. That’s why we’re thrilled to present you with our cataract patient testimonials – and we look forward welcoming you into our clinics!


“It started with my friend telling me to check my eyes at KMN EyeCare. Then I was examined. Doctor Ricky said that cataracts were very severe in my right eye.. Finally, it was time to take action. Honestly, I was very scared when. When I got home, I just felt it.. My eyesight was clear. I could see clearly. I feel that ... 'Well, from the beginning at KMN. If I may say it, it's like being reborn.."

Rudy Wowor, Actor

"I didn't feel anything during the surgery -- nothing at all. After, the doctor just said, "it's done." I could see clearly -- I even screamed, schocking the nurses! After the surgery, it felt like I was reborn."

Michael Yamashita, National Geographic Photographer

“I’ve been in medical facilities throughout the world, and there is nothing as impressive as the service I’ve received here. It’s truly world class.”

Indonesian National Army Lieutenant General (Ret) Sudi Silalahi, Minister of State Secretary (2009 - 2014)

"From my experience, I would advise people who have eye problems, especially cataracts, to not go overseas for treatment. Just go to KMN for excellent service and outstanding outcomes. After my surgery, I no longer needed glasses except for reading. Everything is crystal clear now.”

Joe McAleer

"My experience at KMN has been excellent. I came for cataract surgery and from the moment I entered the clinic, I was very impressed with the reception staff, the ambiance... The surgery went excellent. My eye sight has been corrected. Cataracts are gone, I no longer need glasses. As an American, I've been in many medical facilities around the world... and none have been as impressive as what I have experienced here. It's truly world-class, and I recommend heartily to anyone who needs eye care service or surgery to come to this clinic... It's like being young once more."