Cataract testimonials at KMN EyeCare

At KMN EyeCare, your success is our greatest pleasure. That’s why we’re thrilled to present you with our cataract patient testimonials – and we look forward welcoming you into our clinics!

"I am Tinton Suprapto, a former national racer. Thank you KMN EyeCare, KMN EyeCare is great, KMN EyeCare, which helped me be more confident and I want to attain accomplishment through KMN EyeCare.

"It didn't feel like the operation had suddenly finished. Doctor Bondan said “that's it mam. Huh, are you finished, Doc? Yes. It didn't take 30 minutes to finish"

Soerjani Oesoep

"It's very natural that when we hear the word surgery it is very scary. But apparently at KMN, the word scary will fade. We don't feel like we're doing an action called surgery though. Everything went very, very well."

"In addition to leading-edge technology, for me patient care and treatment was not only professional, but at KMN EyeCare everything is done with love and care from the heart. Therefore, the patient feels as if he is being cared for at home by closest friends or by family."

"Very nice, relaxed and comfortable, didn't feel anything. In the past, I had to bother looking for where I put the glasses. Now I can open the Qur'an and read it right away. I am grateful to be able to see far or see up close without my glasses."

“I thought I hadn't been in surgery. I'm just saying, so. Alright, Already. I didn't feel anything. It was under anesthesia, yes, but I meant it doesn't feel like anything the least bit painful. KMN EyeCare continues to be a pioneer trying to provide the best for the community, for Indonesia."

"If you say I'm not afraid it's a lie. I'm afraid too because suddenly my eyes were opened and couldn't blink. Until finally when I wanted to take a breath, finished. Wow, I thought it was 6 hours, but it turned out that it only took a few minutes. Thank God everything was suddenly so beautiful. Thanks so much to KMN EyeCare, I can see the beauty of the world."

“The results of my mother’s examination indicated that her vision was only functioning 20% and that she needed surgery immediately. And I am very grateful that I was allowed to accompany my mother for her cataract surgery process. The first surgery was on the left eye, and there were no complaints whatsoever after the surgery. The second eye surgery was 1 week later. Now the sight is much, much better."

"Titiek Puspa is a legendary Indonesian singer and songwriter launching her career in the 1960's. Rolling Stone Indonesia has selected some of her songs among the best Indonesian songs of all time. Described as "the grand dame of Indonesian entertainment", this multi-talented artist has also often appeared as the main actress in various films, as well as being the recipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award. Age does not prevent Titiek Puspa from continuing to work. When suffering from cataracts, she entrusted her cataract surgery to KMN EyeCare."

Joe McAleer

"My experience at KMN has been excellent. I came for cataract surgery and from the moment I entered the clinic, I was very impressed with the reception staff, the ambiance... The surgery went excellent. My eye sight has been corrected. Cataracts are gone, I no longer need glasses. As an American, I've been in many medical facilities around the world... and none have been as impressive as what I have experienced here. It's truly world-class, and I recommend heartily to anyone who needs eye care service or surgery to come to this clinic... It's like being young once more."