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Dry Eye Patient Testimonials

At KMN EyeCare, all of our ophthalmologists are experts in treating dry eye. We look forward to welcoming you at KMN EyeCare!

Mr. Widharmika Agung


"I experienced keratitis, due to complications from post-lasik dry eye in another eye clinic. I chose KMN to handle my dry eye problems at the recommendation of a friend about Dr. Maya. The first time I went to KMN, I felt relieved and safely handled by Dr. Maya. Dr. Maya is clear in providing service and attention. I feel calm because I know that if there is a problem with my eyes I can count on Dr. Maya at KMN.
I am satisfied with the services provided by KMN. What impressed me most about KMN services and distinguished KMN from other health services was: Dr. Maya, maintained medical records, standard and professional processes.
I have recommended KMN for eye health services, especially Dry Eyes. My advice to people who are still hesitant to check eye health problems, especially Dry Eyes; do not delay eye examination!
Thank you Doctor Maya and KMN for successfully treating the complications of Keratitis that I experienced. I can feel safe and relieved."