LASIK Treatment KMN

LASIK eye surgery patient testimonials

LASIK eye surgery can improve your daily life – it has certainly done so for our patients. We’re thus very happy to provide you with our LASIK eye surgery patient testimonials.


“It feels really amazing, I didn't expect to be able to feel like this. I can see really clear, no blur, no complaints in my eyes. Side effect didn't exist either. The day after the operation it was still a bit blurry, but after that everything went well. Anyway, there is need to be afraid of LASIK, and I believe that LASIK at KMN EyeCare is really okay..”

Fitra Eri

12 years ago I had LASIK surgery. My eyes are no longer minus and I am very happy, like I have new eyes! No need to use glasses or contact lenses anymore. How is my eye condition after 12 years of LASIK? How sophisticated are the machines and technology that KMN EyeCare currently uses? Watch the full video!

Pamela Bowie

"So after the operation, Dr. Rini says "Come on it's done!".. Wow, it doesn't feel like it's finished.. And suddenly the doctor asked "There is a clock, can you see it?".. When I opened my eyes, wow I'm surprised. I can see that! I really remember it was around 2 or 2:30 pm that I saw.. And usually to see people at a distance of 1 meter was already blurry.. Now I can see the clock from a distance.. It's magic. That's the first feeling after LASIK"

Rezky Adithya

"After the procedure, I feel like a child again. I wanted to read everything. I also never thought that turning out being able to see and read clearly was so pleasant. I can only say "goodbye glasses and contact lenses, which is really torturous"

Edho Zell & Mami El

"So yesterday we decided to do LASIK on Mami El.. Surgical procedures to be difficult, dangerous, long and complicated.. But the surgery only takes a while.. I was surprised, because I did not expect KMN to have such sophisticated technology"

Yuki Kato

"It's a wonderful experience! Especially that I'm now free from glasses.. I'm now free from softlenses.. I no longer need to think of the expiry dates of my softlenses.. I no longer need to do such things.. My eyesight is now perfect.."

Merry Riana

"I am Merry Riana, and thank you KMN for making the impossible possible.. It seemed impossible for my eyes to have perfect eyesight without glasses and contact lenses, but now I have.. Every morning now when I open my eyes I can see everything clearly"

Kevin Julio

"The service is incredible... The doctors explained everything to me in detail. The LASIK procedure was finished in 30 minutes. I can see crystal clear now."

Sharita Sopacua, Miss Universe, Netherlands

“I could see that they were using state of the art equipment, and I felt very confident in doing the operation… I would definitely recommend anyone with bad eyesight to do their LASIK at KMN.”

Rio Motret

“... The examinations are also very thorough and accurate making me more confident to have the LASIK procedure… Now, after having had the LASIK procedure, everything is so much easier… No eyeglasses or soft lens needed, and when I wake up everything is brighter. It's like being reborn again... Do not hesitate to check your eyes at KMN, because the LASIK technology there is very sophisticated, comfortable, and fast."

Joby Owens

 “You only have one opportunity to get your eyes lasered. Ensure that you make the right choice. In my opinion, Klinik Mata Nusantara is the right choice.”

Thomas Stalgren

“KMN uses the latest technology for this surgery. They have a very professional staff… I felt very comfortable and I’m very happy I went through this surgery. The result is absolutely perfect.”

Ashley Leonard

“The doctors and nurses made me feel very comfortable… they were very caring about their patients and very involved. Dr. Ricky made sure that I was okay, constantly calling and checking in on me and coming back in to check everything went well.”

Dr. Catherine Soebroto, Dipl, CIBTAC

It's great not to wear glasses anymore, not to wear lenses. I really felt like a new life, so clear and amazing!