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Retina Patient Testimonials

At KMN EyeCare, we greatly value the feedback of each and every one of our patients. That’s why we’re proud to present you with our patient testimonials regarding our retina treatments.

“The first thing I noticed was the blurred vision like there was a membrane covering my eyes, so I couldn't see clearly. After an eye examination my retina was torn and had to be operated on immediately. The effect after surgery is good! It's been 1 month and the gas is dry, and everything is safe and the doctor says that I'm able to go anywhere..”

“My advice to all friends, and all people who have eye problems, is come to KMN EyeCare to check and consult your eye problems. Because KMN EyeCare will provide the best service for you.”

“From the moment that I arrived, the staff and experts guided me through the necessary procedures with a friendly and welcoming attitude.”

I have had Diabetic Mellitus type 1 for the last 22 years. My first indication of a problem was I noticed there's like a black spot in the corner of my eye. At first I thought that my minus was increased because it was quite blurred. But after having an examination, I was confirmed to have bleeding in my Retina.

After the diagnosis, I was referred to go to KMN for further examination. After undergoing the surgery for my Diabetic Retinopathy, my vision improved and I  could avoid the risk of loss of vision.

Mr. Rosilo

"My first impression entering KMN: I felt like I was not in a clinic or hospital but rather a hotel. KMN’s staff gave very good service. They wholeheartedly cared, and they made everything very easy to understand. After being treated at KMN, my eyes gradually became better, thank God. 

Although my sight can never be 100% like before, I am so happy that now I can finally see again. I am grateful and I am personally very satisfied in terms of service, doctor, postoperative treatment, and recovery.

KMN is, of course, very different when compared to other eye hospitals. At other hospitals, the doctor was able to diagnose my illness but was unable to provide me with a "solution". Other hospitals also did not have the complete technological equipment that KMN has. I immediately met with a specialist while at KMN and, before meeting a doctor, I underwent a series of examinations.

My own experience tells me that KMN is the best eye hospital. For all friends, family, and relatives who are still unsatisfied with their eye doctors, who are still confused and still worried, especially in regards to retina treatments, don't hesitate and don't worry. Just come to KMN."