Terms & Conditions for Appointment via Website

  1. Booking Appointment Online:
    Online appointment must be booked at least 2 (two) days before Doctor Consultation and not prior to 2 (two) weeks before Doctor Consultation.
  2. Commitment Fee Booking Appointment Online: IDR 100,000
  3. Cancellation
    1. By Patient:
      • If for any reason the patient is not available, the patient may request to be rescheduled no later than 2 (two) weeks from the previous schedule. If under 2 (two) weeks, the "Commitment Fee" will be forfeited and is not refundable.
      • Under above circumstances, the patient may change Doctor, consultation schedule and/or KMN EyeCare location depending on available slots.
    2. By KMN EyeCare
      • For one reason or another (for example: because of an emergency operation), the doctor is unable to practice causing the consultation time to be rescheduled.
      • If something unexpected happens as in the above and the patient wants to cancel his/her visit to KMN EyeCare, then the Commitment Fee Booking Appointment Online will be returned. The refund process is no later than 10 (ten) business days via bank transfer.
      • However, if the patient is willing to be rescheduled, the Commitment Fee Booking Appointment Online will be used for the next booking appointment.
      • Rescheduling under above circumstances, the patient can choose a new schedule depending on available slots.
  4. All Booking Appointment Online cannot be transferred to other parties for any reason.


  • For new patients, you will be requested to complete the personal data / information needed. This will reduce your registration time at KMN EyeCare
  • We greatly appreciate you for completing this data / information accurately and completely as this data will be stored directly in our system. The data is very important and will be used to assist fulfilling your needs during treatment at KMN EyeCare.

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