KMN Children's Exam

Pediatric Ophthalmology Patient Testimonials

At KMN EyeCare, we understand the special approach necessary when treating children. That’s why we’re thrilled to present you with testimonials from parents of patients of our pediatric ophthalmology services. We look forward to welcoming you soon!

Mr. Cyril Arayana

"It was a revelation going through my child's eye care at KMN. The service was excellent and the staff professional. Now my child can take lessons well at school."

Mr. Robby Satriaaji

KMN Robby Testimonial

“I was very impressed with the service of staff, nurses and doctors at KMN. They all provided detailed explanations. My child's eye condition is properly monitored. With the advice and treatment from the doctor, the myopia of my child is stable, with small progression only. 
What differentiates KMN from others is it’s friendly service and the clinic's very comfortable atmosphere. KMN is also very suitable for parents who need a good eye clinic to have their child's eyes checked. I have entrusted my child's eye treatment at KMN for approximately 6 years and all my child's eye problems were handled properly and very well.
Thank you for helping to maintain the health of my child's eye sight, and I wish for KMN's continued success in the future.”