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At KMN EyeCare in Jakarta and Semarang, the human eye is our passion – and it’s only natural to want to share your passion with others. That’s why our ophthalmologists are happy to provide our patients and potential patients with general information about the eye and the newest updates in eye health from around the world. Our eye doctors are also happy to better elaborate on the process and requirements of eye surgery with KMN EyeCare, so that you know exactly what to expect while you or your loved ones are in our care.

Our interest in eye health and vision expands beyond cataract, LASIK, and retina treatment and across the entire spectrum of eye care. Not only are we more than happy to offer information on eye care to all our site visitors who are curious about the nature of our work, but our ophthalmologists take pride in remaining at the forefront of eye health medical breakthroughs – and keeping our patients equally informed.

Furthermore, we understand that eye surgery, however simple, can be a daunting matter for many people. That’s why we’ve outlined our entire service flow, from your first consultation to your follow-up, to illustrate just how common these procedures are at KMN EyeCare. We want you to feel comfortable at every step, and we believe that keeping you informed of what to expect will contribute to an overall positive experience for you at KMN EyeCare.