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Welcome to KMN EyeCare

At KMN EyeCare centers in Jakarta and Semarang, our patients are our greatest priority. Our ophthalmologists consist of Indonesia’s best eye doctors, bringing years of experience to each of their specializations in various eye treatments including problem in retina, cataract, LASIK, dry eye, glaucoma, strabismus and more. With some of the country’s leading technology in the field of eye care, we are happy to address and ease each of our patients’ eye treatment concerns with friendly service.



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KMN EyeCare to be chosen as the Best Eye Hospital in the Healthcare Products and Services Consumers Choice Survey for 3 consecutive years*

*Organized by SWA Magazine and Business Digest, based on the results of a survey from 5.000 respondents in 6 major cities in Indonesia assessing customer satisfaction from various aspects.



Why you should have Cataract Surgery at KMN EyeCare?

Find out the advantages of having Cataract Surgery at KMN EyeCare.


Dinda Hauw

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And it turns out, the operation is also very fast and doesn't take much time. For one eye, it's only 20 seconds.

Pamela Bowie

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So after the operation, Dr. Rini says "Come on it's done!".. Wow, it doesn't feel like it's finished.. And suddenly the doctor asked "There is a clock, can you see it?".. When I opened my eyes, wow I'm surprised. I can see that! I really remember it was around 2 or 2:30 pm that I saw.. And usually to see people at a distance of 1 meter was already blurry.. Now I can see the clock from a distance.. It's magic. That's the first feeling after LASIK

Niniek L. Karim

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I thought I hadn't been in surgery. I'm just saying, so. Alright, Already. I didn't feel anything. It was under anesthesia, yes, but I meant it doesn't feel like anything the least bit painful. KMN EyeCare continues to be a pioneer trying to provide the best for the community, for Indonesia.

Poppy Bunga

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At first I was really really scared like I said earlier. I was nervous because the eyes would be lasered or something. But it turns out that the process is very fast and there is no such thing as injections,


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I thought the operation would take half an hour, but it didn't arrive 10 minutes done. It's really fast, each eye is just lasered about 30 seconds and everything went smoothly.

Tanboy Kun & Anasiha Putri

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I'm minus 6.5, that's too high. Anyway, if I don't wear glasses or contact lenses, I can't see clearly because it's blurry

Yuki Kato

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It's a wonderful experience! Especially that I'm now free from glasses.. I'm now free from softlenses.. I no longer need to think of the expiry dates of my softlenses.. I no longer need to do such things.. My eyesight is now perfect..

Merry Riana

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I am Merry Riana, and thank you KMN for making the impossible possible.. It seemed impossible for my eyes to have perfect eyesight without glasses and contact lenses, but now I have.. Every morning now when I open my eyes I can see everything clearly


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It started with my friend telling me to check my eyes at KMN EyeCare. Then I was examined. Doctor Ricky said that cataracts were very severe in my right eye.. Finally, it was time to take action. Honestly, I was very scared when. When I got home, I just felt it.. My eyesight was clear. I could see clearly. I feel that ... 'Well, from the beginning at KMN. If I may say it, it's like being reborn..

Slamet Rahardjo

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If you say I'm not afraid it's a lie. I'm afraid too because suddenly my eyes were opened and couldn't blink. Until finally when I wanted to take a breath, finished. Wow, I thought it was 6 hours, but it turned out that it only took a few minutes. Thank god everything was suddenly so beautiful. Thanks so much to KMN EyeCare, I can see the beauty of the world.

Nurhadiaty Hakim

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The results of my mother’s examination indicated that her vision was only functioning 20% and that she needed surgery immediately. And I am very grateful that I was allowed to accompany my mother for her cataract surgery process. The first surgery was on the left eye, and there were no complaints whatsoever after the surgery. The second eye surgery was 1 week later. Now the sight is much, much better.

Fitra Eri

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12 years ago I had LASIK surgery. My eyes are no longer minus and I am very happy, like I have new eyes! No need to use glasses or contact lenses anymore. How is my eye condition after 12 years of LASIK? How sophisticated are the machines and technology that KMN EyeCare currently uses? Watch the full video!

Kevin Julio

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The service is incredible... The doctors explained everything to me in detail. The LASIK procedure was finished in 30 minutes. I can see crystal clear now.

Titiek Puspa

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Titiek Puspa is a legendary Indonesian singer and songwriter launching her career in the 1960's. Rolling Stone Indonesia has selected some of her songs among the best Indonesian songs of all time. Described as "the grand dame of Indonesian entertainment", this multi-talented artist has also often appeared as the main actress in various films, as well as being the recipient of The Lifetime Achievement Award. Age does not prevent Titiek Puspa from continuing to work. When suffering from cataracts, she entrusted her cataract surgery to KMN EyeCare.

Dewi Motik

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Very nice, relaxed and comfortable, didn't feel anything. In the past, I had to bother looking for where I put the glasses. Now I can open the Qur'an and read it right away. I am grateful to be able to see far or see up close without my glasses."

Rio Motret

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... The examinations are also very thorough and accurate making me more confident to have the LASIK procedure… Now, after having had the LASIK procedure, everything is so much easier… No eyeglasses or soft lens needed, and when I wake up everything is brighter. It's like being reborn again... Do not hesitate to check your eyes at KMN, because the LASIK technology there is very sophisticated, comfortable, and fast.

Edho Zell & Mami El

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So yesterday we decided to do LASIK on Mami El.. Surgical procedures to be difficult, dangerous, long and complicated.. But the surgery only takes a while.. I was surprised, because I did not expect KMN to have such sophisticated technology

Ingrid Wiidjanarko

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In addition to leading-edge technology, for me patient care and treatment was not only professional, but at KMN EyeCare everything is done with love and care from the heart. Therefore, the patient feels as if he is being cared for at home by closest friends or by family.

Raul Lemos

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The first thing I noticed was the blurred vision like there was a membrane covering my eyes, so I couldn't see clearly. After an eye examination my retina was torn and had to be operated on immediately. The effect after surgery is good! It's been 1 month and the gas is dry, and everything is safe and the doctor says that I'm able to go anywhere..
My advice to all friends, and all people who have eye problems, is come to KMN EyeCare to check and consult your eye problems. Because KMN EyeCare will provide the best service for you.

Novita Arwana

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It feels really amazing, I didn't expect to be able to feel like this. I can see really clear, no blur, no complaints in my eyes. Side effect didn't exist either. The day after the operation it was still a bit blurry, but after that everything went well. Anyway, there is need to be afraid of LASIK, and I believe that LASIK at KMN EyeCare is really okay..

Sharita Sopacua

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I could see that they were using state of the art equipment, and I felt very confident in doing the operation… I would definitely recommend anyone with bad eyesight to do their LASIK at KMN.

Michael Yamashita

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I’ve been in medical facilities throughout the world, and there is nothing as impressive as the service I’ve received here. It’s truly world class.


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I'm really grateful for LASIK. It's been weeks, months and even now my life is much more comfortable, much easier, and no need to look for glasses anymore. It really feels like seeing the world so bright without glasses. When you wake up, you don't need to look for glasses, take off your glasses, break your glasses. So LASIK is really the best!

Letjen TNI (Purn.) Sudi Silalahi (Alm)

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From my experience, I would advise people who have eye problems, especially cataracts, to not go overseas for treatment. Just go to KMN for excellent service and outstanding outcomes. After my surgery, I no longer needed glasses except for reading. Everything is crystal clear now.





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